AIW Process

Architectural Iron Works has a solid history of working closely with Architects, Designers and Builders.  We enjoy working with you and your design team as early as possible to offer our expertise on design elements you want incorporated in your project.

One of a kind, custom doors and windows that enhance your residence, winery or commercial property. Proprietary finishes make AIW products fit perfectly with old or new construction.  We can create or implement new designs for knobs, handle, hinges, surface bolts or any other hardware.  AIW has the flexibility to integrate unique, new designs or shapes into our doors and windows. 

Architectural Iron Works installs all of our doors and windows. This is a distinction from many of our competitors. Our expert team of installers knows the AIW product better than anyone, so the installation process will done right the first time, every time.  This will help to ensure schedule performance for the contractor.